How To Take Good Travel Photos of Yourself on a Solo Trip

January 16, 2022

As a solo traveler you’re probably wondering how I take my own photos for Instagram and my blog. The majority of the photos you see with me in them were taken by yours truly! I don’t travel with a photographer (or an Instagram boyfriend lol) – it’s just me and my tripod.

When I first started solo traveling I wanted to make sure I could still document my trips the way I wanted to. Taking landscape shots is one thing, but how could I get photos with myself in them while I’m out exploring these new destinations?

Keep reading to learn how I take my own vacation photos during my solo travels. I’m sharing the travel photography gear I use, how I navigate the tripod selfies while out exploring, and my top self-portrait tips below.

Here’s how to take good travel photos of yourself on a solo trip:

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The travel photography gear I use

Most of my Instagram photos simply would not have been created without the use of a tripod. I take one with me on every single solo trip and it has proven to be the best way to capture the travel photos I want.

I have gone through several different tripods over the years – some of my previous ones were either too flimsy or ended up broken. And for something that is holding up my precious camera equipment, finding a durable and trustworthy one was super important to me.

The tripod I currently use the most is the AmazonBasics 60″ Tripod and it’s been one of my favorites to-date. It’s lightweight and durable, making this one easy to carry around with me on my adventures. This is the tripod I used throughout my solo road trip through the Southwest and have hiked through 6 different national parks with it so far – and have no complaints!

Another tripod I use to take my own vacation photos is the JOBY GorillaPod 5K Kit. This brand is known for having some of the most durable tripods out there. This one is smaller but has flexible legs so that you can attach it to other things to get different angles. It’s great for fixating your camera or phone to fences, trees, or anything else nearby that’s study.

These tripods will fit most DSLR cameras, but you can also get an adapter to attach your phone to them as well. I use my iPhone 12 Max Pro when I want to shoot video content or take quick snaps for Instagram. This is the adapter I use and it lives in my camera bag.

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How to capture tripod photos while traveling

Even with having the right tripod with you, your vacation photos aren’t going to capture themselves! There’s a few different techniques I use to make sure I can capture the best images –

  • CanonConnect app / remote shutter

The camera I use is a Canon EOS 6D which has wifi capability, which means that I can connect it to my phone. From the CannonConnect app you can view yourself in the shot and capture images using your phone as a remote.

Similarly, there are also remote shutters available that can connect to your camera without having to use your phone. The one I use is the PIXEL Wireless Timer Remote Control, and it’s great for capturing shots that are much farther away than my camera.

  • Use the self-timer on your DSLR or phone

Another option is to use your camera’s self-timer. There have been times where I was in a location with spotty cell connection and wasn’t able to connect my camera to my phone, so this is usually my plan B.

  • Record a video and take still images from the recording

You can also record a video and take a stills from the recording. This option is good for when you’re trying to capture movement and don’t want to try timing it with the camera shutter.

Other helpful tips for solo travel photos

  • Take photos first thing in the morning to avoid crowds and get the best lighting
  • Only set up the tripod in areas with no foot traffic
  • Adjust your camera settings to capture multiple images at once

These are the steps I take to make sure I get good travel photos of myself during my solo trips! Have you ever attempted a tripod selfie? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!


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